CNC turning and milling complex lathe

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:XT-42

The XT-42 combines heavy duty construction with the highest quality components resulting in a versatile and robust machine.

Having 26 tools in place with CNC turning machine that makes it possible to process complex work piece from inside, outside and outline. The opposed spindle allows machining from rear side in simply one clamping. The tooling design has almost no interference problems allowing the full compliment of tools to be utilized.

Synchronized spindles allow rapid change from main to sub spindle. Depending on the work piece, it’s possible to perform simultaneous cutting on both main and sub-spindle.

This machine gives you exceptional performances while reducing your costs.

Axial view

The flexible tooling system comes with 9 standard external tools,8 internal tools and 9 live tools ( Front*3, Rear*3, Radius*3).

The machine is equipped with highprecision, HIWIN linear guideways.The use of 35mm rails throughout the machine increases stability and accuracy, and allows heavier cuts to be achieved.

Both spindles are cartridge type which runs on P4 high precision bearings giving high rapid and axial stability, allowing for heavy duty cutting.
The spindle is assembled and tested in a temperature controlled clean room, sealed and requires no maintenance.