CNC turning and milling complex lathe

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:TT-42

The machine comprises of 8 axis and 4 spindles which includes a sub spindle with both X and Z positioning.

The flexible tooling system comes standard with quick-change tool holders for easy tip changing, but can be supplied with mainstream tooling systems as requested. The tooling system can easily be changed on site, as we have designed the toolholders to be quickly interchangeable.

TT-42 axial view
This new range of IntelliTurn lathes are faster, stronger, more accurate and have features found only in machines of much higher cost. The machines are fully CE certified, including low voltage directive and EMC certification.
We believe our machines “Make more cents”

The standard milling head comprises of 6 live tools. There are 3 for radial and 3 for axial milling.Capacity is ER20 collet with 1.0kw gear drive. The head may be fitted to both tooling heads giving a total of 12 live tools.

Different configurations are available.
Besides of the unique quick-change blocks, it is also compatible with the Kennametal KM series, Sandvik Capto series.

The cartridge type spindle runs on P4 high precision bearings giving high radial and axial stability, allowing for heavy duty cutting.
The spindle is assembled and tested in a temperature controlled clean room, sealed, and requires no maintenance.
The spindle housing is large, and symmetrically ribbed to allow heat dissipation and thermal stability.

Both main and sub spindle can be synchronized for parting off operations, or can be used for turning longer work pieces.
Synchronizing can be achieved to an accuracy of 0.02 degrees while the spindles are in motion.