Sliding Headstock Automation CNC lathe

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  • Country of Origin:Taiwan
  • Model:MiniMax 20i / 25i

This series offers the various combinations for the sliding head market. Precise, high-efficiency says it all!

The tooling block consists of extensive 12mm or 16 mm turning and drilling tools. Maximum tooling capacity of 28 tools allows fast chip to chip times as there is very little movement from one tool to the next.

In addition, to meet the demand to produce complex parts, motorized tools are also provided as optional.

Axial view

The cartridge type built-in spindle is the key components for precision machining. This reduces vibration, enables operation with high precision at high speed.

The design also allows the absence of drive traverse forces permitting extremely high accuracy on workpiece due to smooth, accurate spindle motion even at very low speed.